Kitchen’s can be a huge source of waste.

Packaging, kitchen roll, glad wrap…. the list is endless.

So here are some alternatives:

Instead of


Glad wrap

Collapsible Food Storage Containers or Food Huggers

Parchment Paper

Silicone Baking sheets or Silicone Pastry Mats

Plastic bags for your veggies and salad

Use Vejibags (they keep things fresh FOREVER) and a Salad Sac (Keeps your salad crisp and yummy for aaaages!)

Bottled water

Use a water filter or add charcoal to your water

Plastic dish brush

Wooden dish brush (in store @ Nude Foods)

Disposable oil spray bottle

Gorgeous reusable oil spray bottle (I just bought one!)

Your poor hands

Silicone lid opener

Tea bags

Loose Tea and a Tea ball infuser

Plastic bags for snacks

Nude Foods silicone Sandwich bags and snack bags

Paper towels

Biodegradable Swedish cloths

Disposable Coffee Filters

Permanent coffee filter (in store) or Hemp-Cotton Reusable Coffee filter

Plastic bottles of dish soap

Vegan Dish Block or Dish Soap in resuable glass

Keep your produce happy:

Let’s face it spending money on delicious produce only to have them wilt or go limp after a few days is NOT fun. That’s why we pulled together this produce guide with some tips and tricks to help your produce last longer. Our favorite tool is the Vejibag which keeps your produce happy and healthy for MUCH longer in the fridge – it works like magic.

Challenge 20:

Go through your kitchen and see what single use items you can replace with reusable items. Post about what you found.