Rachel Irons

The Glue

One of a kind. She can literally do anything and she does it all with a smile on her face. She’s the glue that holds Nude Foods together, combining a flair for finding incredible food and zero-waste packaging, to asking the difficult questions about zero-waste and building strong relationships with suppliers and customers alike. She’s on a mission to revolutionize our broken food system by producing and distributing food in a way that is healthy for ourselves, our community and our planet.

Verity Noble

The Evangelist

1 part serial-entrepreneur, 2 parts Mum (she’s British, hence the spelling ; ), 1 part zero-waste obsessive, 1 part vegan and 3 parts exuberant lover of life (think dancing til dawn, singing - badly - out loud while mountain biking and the total absence of the embarrassment gene). Too many parts? Maybe for most people, but not this lady. Verity’s obsession with zero-waste has stealthily changed the habits of almost everyone she knows. She doesn’t jam with the word impossible. There’s always a way.

Jimmy Uvodich

The Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss army knife of the team. He’s a jack of all trades and master of some! His zero-waste journey started after reading an article about scientists finding micro plastics in Antarctica (carried by air currents, MICRO PLASTICS ARE IN THE AIR!) For him it was the last straw (literally). Since then he has been reducing his garbage footprint in any way he can. From making his own plastic-free hummus to frequenting his favorite place, in all of Boulder, Resource Central, for all at home projects. You can find him rock climbing, backpacking or building something awesome.

Matt Arnold

The Businessman

A dad, husband, lover of the outdoors, cookies and all things streamlined. He once scored a bicycle kick goal in a soccer game and his go-to dance move is the cabbage patch. Matt gallantly takes on all the finance and accounting at Nude Foods and for that alone, everyone LOVES him. (He’s also quite funny.)

Luke O’Brien

The Ops Ninja

Luke is a team player and thrives on group success. He‘s also the most cheerful person we’ve ever met! When not rocking on the aux at the shop, he can be found exploring the Boulder culinary scene, rollerblading down the creek path, playing beer-league hockey, or hiking local trails with his dog.

Mathias Gruber

The Chef and Social Media Maven

When he‘s not making a mess in the kitchen, Mat enjoys suffering up big hills and sometimes skiing down them. Some call him the human garbage disposal because he’ll eat anything. He claims it‘s because he hates waste, but it’s really because he’s always hungry. Mat considers his main purpose in life to be feeding people delicious, healthy, sustainable food, and going on big adventures!