Save Big AND Choose Planet Earth.

Introducing Nude Memberships. Ditch the jar deposits for a subscription billed monthly or annually. Plus enjoy regular member only perks, including discounts on everything you buy and special sales. Don’t worry, memberships are just an optional perk!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Once you sign up, your account will automatically remove jar deposits and give you a discount when you shop online. When you shop in-store, just give your phone number or email get the member benefits!
What about any jars I currently have out at home?
Once you sign up, you have 2 weeks to bring back any jars you’ve paid a rental fee on to get your $1 per jar back.
What if I decide I want to cancel?
Cancel your membership anytime. All you have to do email [email protected]
Can I still shop if I don’t want to pay upfront for a membership?
Absolutely! You will pay a 50 cent transaction fee per container. There is a $1.50 jar deposit/container and you get $1.00 when you return your container. Jar deposits help cover our labor costs of washing + refilling containers.
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