Operations Rockstar 

Apply ASAP!


We are looking for a bright, ambitious, Operations Person to be groomed to run packing and delivery operations at Nude Foods Market. 

Nude Foods Market delivers local, organic groceries, prepared meals and household products in zero-waste, reusable containers to people’s doors by bicycle.

We launched in 2020 and have grown at 5x the speed we forecasted and customers LOVE it!

What the role will involve:

  • Filling jars with products (e.g. rice, kombucha, tortilla chips) quickly, accurately and cleanly.
  • Adhering meticulously to food safety and Covid-19 standards.
  • In depth cleaning including washing jars (in a commercial dishwasher), washing bins and cleaning and sanitizing surfaces.
  • Putting away and organizing supplies. We have over 200 products on our website and a relatively small space in which to order them.
  • Some light data entry.
  • Other duties as assigned.

You are:

  • Efficient – you can work QUICKLY, accurately and proactively.
  • Independent – you can work out issues yourself, foresee problems and fix them.
  • Organized – you are obsessive about cleanliness and keeping things in order.
  • Proactive – you see opportunities for improvement and bring those to the team.
  • Confident working in a kitchen 
  • Curious – if you don’t know, you ask.
  • Not satisfied with good enough. You are always looking for ways to do things better
  • Ideally in this for the long haul. The idea is that the successful applicant will be groomed to head up Boulder operations department in the future.
  • A clear communicator – you can delegate up to management as well as to others in the operations team.
  • Super excited about Zero-Waste. We don’t expect you to be a perfect zero-waster (pretty much no one is!) but at least an aspiring one.
  • Happy to do repetitive simple tasks

Skills/experience needed:

  • Kitchen experience
  • Proficient at using Excel
  • Comfortable standing for 8 hours a day
  • Able to easily lift 50lbs
  • Chill : )
  • Enjoy a fast paced environment 
  • Have an interest in zero waste/food
  • Ideally you’d like to grow into a management position and are passionate about growing with the company (because we are certainly growing!)

Future Duties:

  • Receive and put away orders
  • Track inventory 
  • Fill and organize orders accurately 
  • Source new products
  • Quality control
  • Biker management
  • Managing a team of operations people


  • 8 hours on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 
  • Monday – 2pm – 10pm
  • Tuesday – 9am – 5pm
  • Wednesday – 12 – 8pm


  • $15/hr 
  • 24+ hours per week, likely increasing to full time over the next few months
  • 25% off groceries from Nude Foods Market

Application Process



Thank you for your interest in applying for this role!  We look forward to reading your application.

Step 1: How to Apply

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “[Job Title]: [Your Name]”. In the email, please include the following:

  1. Put together a one-page story (instead of a cover letter) that tells us why you are the perfect fit for Nude Foods Market.
  2. Include your resume.

Step 2:  If you move on to the next round, you will be invited to do the following:

  1. Have an interview with Nude Foods Market
  2. Provide at least 2 references
  3. Come visit us for a trial day


Step 3: We’ll offer you a job and you’ll get started – woooohoooo!