Visit our store at 3233 Walnut Street in Boulder and our BRAND NEW STORE at 3538 W 44th Ave, Denver!

We're Open at 3538 W 44th Ave, Denver!!!

Denver, meet (probably) the most sustainable grocery store on earth

From Boulder’s heart to Denver’s doorstep, Nude Foods Market is excited to open our doors during Earth month 2024!

Now our beautiful friends in Denver can get groceries and more at our new Nude Foods location on 44th and Lowell in Berkeley/the Highlands! If you’re not a Nude Foodie yet, here are 3 reasons to stop by and check us out:

1️⃣ We’re not a regular zero waste store, we’re a cool zero waste store 😎 While we have a bulk products section for nuts, spices, snacks, and household products, that’s not all we do. Don’t worry about bringing your own containers, we have everything you need packaged in returnable glass jars! Like, everything.

We’ve got zero waste: produce, chocolate, coffee, tea, honey, baking supplies, oils and vinegars, pet treats, sustainable meat + vegan proteins, beans, pasta and grains, spices, nut butters, snacks of all kinds, dried fruit, nuts, granola, frozen fruit, frozen veg, gluten free bread, vegan and gluten free sweet treats, local dairy & eggs (and vegan dairy!), sauces, dressings, acoutrements, kombucha, snack bars, and SOOOO much more.

When we say everything, we mean it! 💅

2️⃣ We’ve got specialty products that are hard to find even in a regular plastic waste-filled conventional grocery stores. We’ve got quinoa pancake mix, microgreen teas, CBD chocolates, locally made organic supplements like sea moss or reishi tinctures, local dried mushroom mix, churro puffs + dairy free cheddar puffs, and more!

3️⃣ Our in-house chef makes delicious grab and go bites & entire meals that go from jar to table in 5 min! Swing by when you need a guilt-free quick takeout lunch or when you simply don’t feel like cooking dinner. We’ll set you up with fresh, delicious takeout without the waste. Our chef’s choice meals change weekly, so there’s always new options to excite your tastebuds 😋

See how easy it can be to shop all your values in one place. Local, organic, sustainable, and a women-owned small biz… we’re checking all the boxes ✅

Plus, now you can tell all your friends that you shop Nude 😏

If you’ve never shopped here before, scroll down and enter your details and we’ll send you a first timer coupon. Whoop! (If the form doesn’t show up for you, email [email protected])

And please join us for Nude Foods Fest Denver: The Official Launch Party on Saturday April 27th 10am – 4pm.

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Find us at 3538 W 44th Avenue, Denver.

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