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In the beginning, food was nude. 

We grew food. We ate it. We shared it with our communities.

Then a bunch of things got in between us and the foods that we love.

Things like bags, containers and distance. 

At first, these things seemed helpful.

Then, massive plastic islands started appearing in the oceans.

Waste that we were told could be recycled ended up in piles the size of cities.   

Now that we know for sure that single use items are part of the baggage that we humans need to shed, it’s time to look into the future of food shopping.

A future with zero waste AND zero compromise. 

A future where the best, most locally sourced, kind to the environment, and crave-worthy food is available in one convenient location.

An exciting future that we get to create together with big smiles, warm feels and full bellies.

The Future of Food is Nude.

Nude Foods makes it easy for EVERYONE to make a difference.

Making a difference is hard. But in this case, all YOU have to do is change where you buy your groceries.

We do all the hard work for you : )

We search far and wide to find farmers using sustainable practices, we purchase from only the best.

We give local makers an alternative sales channel where they don’t have to use any packaging.

We research the supply chain to ensure that it is as clean and green as possible (at this moment in time).

We look into the health benefits of every product we stock. There is practically zero refined sugar (it’s only in a few products), we’re mostly plant-based (approx 98%) and we only sell things that we’d feed our own children.

We are obsessed about transparency and we are always looking to do better.

We love to listen to and act on customer feedback.

At this point, we’ve already saved hundreds of thousands of pieces of packaging and we’d love you to join the movement and help us reduce the mountains of plastic waste humans are producing.

Our warehouse, HQ and first store is at 3233 Walnut Street in Boulder and our Denver store is at 3538 West 44th Street in Denver, CO – plus we offer delivery (by electric vehicle to Boulder, Denver and all the surrounding towns!)

This is just the beginning…..

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