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Local Partners

This is where Nude Foods Market is doing some groundbreaking stuff!

We have had the absolute pleasure to work with so many local brands, who are nice enough to deal with our extra particular standards when it comes to using their products. There are so many local food producers here in Boulder and we want to showcase them while getting their products without the packaging.

This is how it works; we form the connection with the company and we give them reusable containers they can fill with their product. When we’ve used all the products, we clean the containers and return it to the company.

This is how we get zero-waste tortilla chips, tofu, pasta, chocolate desserts, keto donuts, bread, olives, veggie broth, granola, soap, lotion, potato chips, bagels, crackers, popcorn, micro greens and so many more. This is where Nude Foods Market is really paving new paths. We are getting products from the source without any packaging, no plastic, nothing recyclable or compostable, nothing. We really hope to be the force to make this the new accepted standard.

Local Partners

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