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Organic Cascara Tea

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Organic Cascara Tea by Bona

Organic • Vegan • Gluten Free • Local

Bona Coffee Roasters are a family owned coffee company, direct trading coffee only from small farms that most of the time we personally know. We opened Bona Coffee Roasters in 2017 with a goal to serve specialty coffee to all, with a sharp eye on the entire process from seed to cup to ensure consistent high-quality deliciousness with sustainable practices. When coffee is processed, the multi-layers of the skin are removed from the seed of the coffee cherry. These discarded layers are often composted, but can also be dried as cascara, which means ‘peel’ in Spanish.

Café Bio Project in the Espirito Santo Region of Brazil is considered a biodynamic farm grown within an agroforestry system. Biodynamic farming is built from the philosophy that the land is an autonomous living being and should be cared for holistically. Investing energy and resources into the soil is central to the practice of biodynamic farming. The idea is that a farm should operate on and sustain its natural ecosystem with as little interference as possible to maintain its natural balance. Biodynamic farming practices at Café Bio Project have the potential to improve the quality of life for farmers, members of the community, and the local biosphere by preserving soil, protecting water resources, and reducing carbon emissions. With continual effort, ingenuity, and investment, the farm is working towards planting new varietals, experimenting with soil and plant processes, improving post-harvest procedures, utilizing different fermentation practices, and building new partnerships.

Tasting Notes: Hibiscus Tea, Raisin, and Maple

Cooking Directions: Steep 2 tbsp (9g) of Cascara Tea for every 8oz (226g) of 198° F water for 4 minutes. Enjoy it hot or cold this naturally sweet energizing drink that’s high in antioxidants.

Ingredients: Organic Dry Coffee Cherry from Brazil (Note: Does contain caffeine)

Packaging: Brought to you in a reusable glass jar, please return it for cleaning and reuse (and to get your jar deposit back minus a small cleaning fee).

Origin: Brazil

Size: 1 cup

Net Weight: 1.5 oz

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1 cup

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