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Wild Boar Ham – Bone-in


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In the United States Wild Boar are seen as an invasive species, ripping up crops, damaging trees and ruining ecosystems. With no natural predators and a tri-annual breeding pattern, they can be found in nearly all 50 states today.

Choosing wild boar instead of farmed meat is a good choice on so many levels. According to the UN, global livestock – the animals farmed for our meat and dairy – is responsible for 14.5 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. On top of that, huge swathes of rainforest are cleared every year in order to farm soybeans to feed farmed animals. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not vegan soy sausages that are destroying the rainforest, but feed for farmed animals.

Wild boar are just that: wild – so consuming them contributes nothing to the climate-polluting meat industry or the farming of soybeans for animal feed. Their wildness also means they are free from agricultural antibiotics, a handy perk when you consider the concern that consumption of such meats is leading to human resistance to antibiotic medicines.

AND another benefit of wild boar is its low-fat content. Unlike traditional pork, wild boar is lean and has less than half the amount of fat. This makes it a great option for those who are looking to maintain a healthy diet while still enjoying a delicious meal.

By eating wild boar, you can enjoy delicious meat and know you are playing a positive role in the environment! Winner Winner Boar Ham Dinner.

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