We deliver local, organic groceries, meals and household products in zero-waste, reusable containers to your door by bicycle

1. Choose your Products

Choose from a huge variety of organic, zero-waste, mostly local groceries, meals and household products. For each product you can choose to ‘Subscribe & Save’ (great for things like coffee you know you’ll need on a regular basis) or just add to your cart once.

2. Choose your frequency

We deliver on Wednesdays and if you subscribe to any products, you can choose to receive them weekly or bi-weekly so you can set it and forget it. Update your cart by Monday at noon for delivery that Wednesday and always ‘Checkout’ to confirm changes.

3. Bike Delivery to your door!

Sit back and relax in the knowledge that you’ve skipped the store AND the waste, making you a zero-waste superhero. (If you’re outside Boulder, you can also choose to pick up from our South Boulder location.)

Why Nude is better…

  • Local Produce and Products

  • Zero-waste containers and packaging

  • Human-powered delivery (bike)!

  • Special love for ‘ugly’ produce from local farms

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People are talking…

“I am loving everything about it. The delivery, the box, the box return, the ethics, the local, the organic, the ugly, the return of the ball jars, the selection, the quality, the variety, the utter lack of plastic and commercial capitalistic compromise. It feels 100% good, like what you who are behind it would want for your own selves and family.”

“We are really enjoying your service—love that you have thought about packaging waste, plant-based, food waste and delivery options. Can’t wait to get more!”

“Quick delivery, awesome bounty and such an important mission! Good job!”

“I love fresh veggies, supporting local business, reducing my footprint, and reducing covid risk. I’m so looking forward to continuing with Nude Foods!”

“Thank you!! I’m excited this exists.”

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