Nude Foods Market is Boulder’s first zero waste grocery store and grocery delivery service and we’re celebrating our store turning TWO! Don’t miss the coolest eco-event of the season 😎

Join us for

🌟 FREE Food and loads of local eco-vendors

🌟 Clothing thrift pop-up + clothing repair stations

🌟 Community Partners and Kids Activities

🌟 Live music by John Brewster

Welcome to the future. Nude Foods Fest is the ONLY 100% zero waste festival in Colorado. You heard that right. EVERYTHING will be sold in reusable containers, from the dinner to the drinks to the ice cream you eat; to the free samples you snack on, to all the vendors in our eco-makers market!!!

We’re past compostables, it’s time for the reuse revolution to thrive! Come learn about Nude Foods Market, a zero waste grocery store and delivery service in Boulder, Denver, and surrounding areas. We have everything you need for your grocery shop, all sold in our reusable zero waste packaging.

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