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Imperfect Produce Box

Imperfect Produce Box

Small | Large

Think of this like a CSA. Each week is a veggie surprise! You’ll receive a mix of mostly organic vegetables that are either perfect, ugly or rescued and sourced from local farms that use organic practices whenever possible. Our Produce Boxes are seasonal so in the winter you’ll see a lot more root vegetables and kale but we do our best to have as much variety as possible all year round 🙂

Goes well with: Our Imperfect Fruit Mini Box!

Packaging: Our Nude Foods Storage boxes, along with one jarred item. Please return both for cleaning and reuse (and to get your jar deposit back minus a small cleaning fee).

Sizes: The small box provides veggies for 2-3 people and the large box for 3-5.

Typical Box Includes: One to two leafy greens (think salad mixes, chard, kale, etc.), a few “fruit” vegetables (tomatoes, squash, bell pepper, etc.), a bulb vegetable (onions, garlic, etc.), mix of root veggies (your carrots, beets, potatoes, etc.), and at least one fresh herb (cilantro, parsley, dill, etc.)!  We prioritize anything we receive locally and organic for these boxes!