If you’re anything like me, you hold onto things you don’t need anymore because you KNOW there’s got to be a better home for them than the landfill.

Good news, often there is!

Nude Foods Market (3233 Walnut Street) takes a few things then there is a magical place called The CHaRM (Center for Hard to Recycle Materials.)

This post is focused specifically on Boulder’s recycling capabilities and every town is different so please research where to recycle each of these materials wherever you live : )

HERE is an up to date list of what CHaRM accepts. Find the CHaRM at 6400 Arapahoe Road in Boulder and HERE is the price list.

The list below is NOT always going to contain the most up to date information so is designed to inspire you about all the things you can recycle rather than be taken as gospel. Please check the links above to confirm what is accepted and what the prices are.

Candy Wrappers (During November only) Bring them to Nude Foods Market at 3233 Walnut Street! We send them off to Terracycle
Batteries Ridwell / The Happy Beetle
Mailers (like Amazon envelopes) Nude Foods Market
Electronics Take to CHaRM
Plastic Appliances CHaRM

NO vacuum bags, glass (coffee pots, blender carafes, etc.), or food/ liquid residue.

Scrap Metal CHaRM


Paper Shredding Service CHARM

• Paper materials only

Glassware RESOURCE / CHaRM
Plastic Bags, Plastic Bubble Wrap & Foam Packing Sheets CHaRM

• All accepted in the same bin.
• Thin, bendable, translucent foam packing sheets only. See photos of packing sheets accepted at ecocycle.org/charm
• Includes plastic shopping, newspaper & ziplock bags
• Must be clean, dry and empty

NO moisture, receipts, or food waste inside bags, biodegradable plastic, tape or packing peanuts

#6 White Block Foam CHaRM

• #6 White block foam packaging and rigid foam insulation only
• Businesses: $6 per cubic yard*

NO packing peanuts, Styrofoam® cups or “to-go” boxes, moisture or tape

Big Durable #2 Plastics, including plastic lawn furniture!!!! CHaRM

• Large plastics marked with a #2 such as plastic play structures, plastic watering cans, clean #2 plastic buckets (no residue), clean plastic barrels, crates, rigid backyard kiddie pools, and plastic trash containers with a #2.

Please remove non-plastic parts. Metal handles on buckets are OK.

NO inflatable pools or other inflatable plastics, flower pots without a #2, water beds, chew toys, CD jewel cases, small toys such as action figures, etc. Please cut if necessary so no larger than 3’ in any dimension.

Mattresses and Box Springs (all sizes) CHaRM
Bicycles and Bike Parts If they’re in working order, take them to Community Cycles. Otherwise take to CHaRM

• Any condition
• Includes integral parts such as seats, pedals, etc., and metal accessories such as baskets and Pannier racks.

Bicycle Tires and Tubes Bicycle tubes are now being collected at Nude Foods to be turned into dog toys. Or take to CHaRM.
Books and Manuals CHaRM

• Computer and office manuals, hard-bound books, paperbacks

Concrete • Must be clean. No metal or rocks accepted.
Cooking Oil NO motor oil or any oil used for purposes other than cooking.
Fire Extinguishers CHaRM / Resource
Porcelain Toilets, Sinks and Urinals CHaRM / Resource
Reusable Shoes and Textiles CHaRM

• Paired, reusable shoes (no mud)
• Clothing, sheets, blankets, towels and fabrics Items may be stained or ripped, but must be clean.
Must be 12” square or larger. NO bathing suits, socks, underwear, curtains, or pillows.

Yoga Mats CHaRM

Challenge 6:

Go dig out those things you’ve been holding onto because you were sure there was a better place for them and take them to The CHaRM TODAY!!! 6400 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder. Mon – Sat: 9am – 5pm.


If you live outside Boulder, do some research and find a similar center in your area.

Please also double check all these details as CHaRM / Resource sometimes changes fees / what they accept.