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Quick-Dry Diatomite Soap Dish

$7.00 available on subscription


Quick-Dry Diatomite Soap Dish by Mother Earth

These soap dishes are made from diatomaceous clay (sand derived from fossilized algae); a completely renewable and natural resource. These quick drying stone soap dishes can absorb 150% of its weight in moisture, dry in a matter of seconds, and prevent microbial growth. These dishes have convenient labels to distinguish between your favorite soap bars!

Choose between two different soap dishes: one that says Face & Body and another that says Shampoo & Conditioner or opt for a geometric pattern!

Benefits: Extends the life of bar soap it is antimicrobial + mildew resistant, and it is perfect for humid climates

How to Use: The open slats quickly drains away water. Use in the kitchen or bathroom

Care Instructions: For typical use, you can use water and gently rinse and scrub soap scum off with a scrub brush. For a deeper clean, soak in a little vinegar and baking soda and let dry in the sun (with the baking soda still on), then wipe clean. To renew the whole surface, you can use a thin grit sandpaper and sand a thin layer on top to refresh the absorbency.

Dimensions: 3″ x 5″

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