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Pee Cloths

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Pee Cloths for Women


Pee Cloths for Women are cloth “toilet paper.” A woman-owned company here in Colorado, where the product is made by women who need income opportunities from their own homes. They are made of natural fibers AND deadstock/upcycled fabric — because the founder is committed to using fabric that’s been rejected by the fast-fashion industry. Our landfills are overflowing and textile dye is the second largest polluter of water in the world.

The company’s mission is to make eco-products luxurious, beautiful and affordable. You don’t have to sacrifice anything!
• You save money.
• You save the planet (in a big way, because we go to the bathroom all day).
• It’s a beautiful new bathroom linen.
• And, it also feels good. (Charmin’s “softness” can’t touch this!)

Bamboo paper products are still polluting our oceans and rivers. They’re scratchy and cost more than regular TP too. Pee cloths will save you $100 every year, after the first year. Without a doubt, they will save you money.

It’s actually not hard to make the switch! There’s no odor whatsoever and you just wash them with your other intimates on laundry day. Say Yes.

Starter Set: 10 Cloths made from two layers of incredibly soft, natural-fiber, upcycled fabric. NOTE: Does not include cotton-mesh laundering bag. Don’t forget to include Mesh Laundry Bag along with your order!

Bidet Set: 10 Cloths. Each of our soft bidet cloths is just the right size to catch all droplets of water and leave your backside pristine. Product also includes a natural-fiber mesh bag for easy laundering. TIP: Choose a cloth color that’s distinct from your Pee Cloths for Women set, to keep them separate for their designated use.

Daily Use Set: 40 cloths (includes mesh wash bag)

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Starter Set, Bidet Set, Daily Use Set

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