Main Veggie Fruit Protein Snack Sweet
Lunch 1 Cucumber Sandwich Peeled carrot batons (top tip, keep in water for freshness) Melon Balls Hummus (to dip the carrots in) Tortilla Chips Chocolate Dipped Mango
Lunch 2 Breakfast Burrito Cherry Tomatoes Sliced Apple Peanut Butter (or tahini for nut-free) Pretzels Chia Seed Pudding
Lunch 3 Dinosaur Pasta & Pesto + Pine Nuts Bell Peppers Cubed Mango Tempeh Bacon Popcorn Monkey Bar
Lunch 4 Spaghetti & Meatballs Snap Peas Pear Protein Shake Jen’s Cafe Bar Patter Bar
Lunch 5 Rice & Veggies with Soyaki Sauce Carrots + Peppers Peach Tofu Cubes Granola Date Energy Bar