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Conscious Cleanse-Friendly Meals – Preorder for Week 1


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Conscious-Cleanse Approved Meals – Week 1

PRE-ORDER NOW to receive the meals on Monday 6/17 – Tuesday 6/18! (Delivery or Pick Up)

Or meals are available to pick up and purchase in store from Saturday 6/15

Order by 6pm on Sunday 16th for Monday delivery / pick up
Order by 6pm on Monday for Tuesday delivery / pick up 

Feeds 3 – 4 Vegan • Nude Made

Nude Foods Market is partnering with Conscious Cleanse to offer two cleanse-approved meals! The meals serve 3-4 people each, follow the Conscious Cleanse guidelines, are ready within 10 minutes, and delicious to eat!

Lemony Lentil Soup (Vegan & GF): Our most popular soup, made even better by the addition of a garlicy kale chip garnish. Please do remember not to eat this meal before a first date. PLUS you get a crunchy quinoa and spinach salad with cucumber, sunflower seeds, apples, carrots and an apple cider vinegar dressing.
To Prepare:
Heat soup and top with kale chips. Toss salad with dressing and serve
Jar 1 – Organic red lentils, organic onion, organic olive oil, organic fresh squeezed lemon juice, organic cumin, organic coriander, organic black pepper, salt. Jar 2 – Kale, organic garlic, organic olive oil, salt. Jar 3 – Organic quinoa, organic cucumber, organic spinach, organic apples. Jar 4 – Organic Olive oil, apple juice reduction, organic apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard, organic black pepper, and salt

Lettuce Wraps (Vegan & GF): Did you know that lettuce is crunchier AND juicier than bread? It makes it the perfect vessel to get food into your mouth on a hot summer day. These lettuce wraps are filled with garlicy spiced chickpeas and cilantro, and topped with a creamy dill dressing, so they’re pretty delectable. Just in case you don’t get full from that, we also give you a greek-style millet salad on the side.
To Prepare:
Fill lettuce leaves with chickpeas and top with dressing. Serve millet salad on the side.
Jar 1 – *Green leaf lettuce
Jar 2 – *Chickpeas, *garlic, *cilantro, *sea salt, *smoked paprika, *black pepper, *cumin, and *coriander.
Jar 3 – *Coconut milk, *garlic powder, *onion powder, *lemon juice, *fresh dill, and salt.
Jar 4 – *Amaranth, pitted greek olives, *cucumber, *red onion, *parsley, *olive oil, *red wine vinegar, sea salt, and *black pepper.
(* = Organic)

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Both Meals

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