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Copi Fish by Source Freshwater

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Copi Fish by Source Freshwater

Gluten Free

Source Freshwater provide fish products that are not only tasty, but that are making a difference. From creating jobs for local fishermen to restoring freshwater ecology across America, we are bringing fresh, healthy food to our communities and to those in need, all while creating zero waste in the process.

Copi were introduced from Asia, and have taken over the Mississippi River system. They have outcompeted native fish for resources in a large portion of their non-native range. This has far-reaching negative ecological and economic impacts.  Copi is an extremely nutritious and clean fresh fish. Copi is high in Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and rich in protein (it’s second only to wild salmon in protein). Because they are top-feeding wild fish that eat primarily plankton and vegetation, they essentially have no mercury or lead.  Copi is a mildly-flavored, firm, flaky, freshwater, wild-caught fish. Its place is among the most popular white fish — more savory than tilapia, cleaner tasting than catfish, less flaky than cod. Accounting for over 90% of the fish found in the rivers, the presence of this invasive fish causes a decline in the numbers and a reduction in the size of our native fish. These fish have exceedingly high levels of Omega-3, protein, and iron. They have minimal contaminants and are heart healthy!

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Ingredients: No additives, no preservatives, and Antibiotic-free Carp.

Packaging: Wrapped in minimal plastic.

Storage/Shelf Life: Keep in the Freezer until ready to use.  Remove from freezer and defrost 1 day in advance.  Should last up to 6 months in the freezer!

Size/Weight: Filets: 1lb and Taco Meat: 2lbs

Origin: Mississippi River, Illinois


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