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Bamboo Dish Brush Replacement Heads

$4.99 available on subscription


Multipurpose Replacement Brush Head | Pot Scrubber Replacement Brush Head

Ready for new bristles? Just twist off the old bristle head and compost it, then twist on the refill head and you’re ready to scrub again. Keep the handle for longer + reduce waste!

Multipurpose Replacement Brush Head: This sustainable swap is great for dishes, scrubbing vegetables, or household cleaning. It can even be used as a body brush to remove dead skin and improve lymphatic functions.

Pot Scrubber Replacement Brush Head: This sustainable swap helps you replace steel wool or plastic pot scrubbers in the kitchen or for general household cleaning.  Stiff but malleable bristles especially designed to handle heavy duty cleaning; ideal for scrubbing stuck on food, cast iron pans, removing labels from jars, tub and shower build-up, etc. Works on a variety of surfaces, and we have successfully used this brush on ceramic and non-stick pans, just use with care.

Mother Earth Approved: Pot scrub brush refill is bamboo with palm + sisal bristles. Multipurpose hand brush refill head is bamboo with sisal bristles.

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Multipurpose Replacement Brush Head, Pot Scrubber Replacement Brush Head

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