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Not-So-Paper Towels

$28.00 available on subscription


Not-So-Paper Towels – 10 count

Organic • Local • Rescued

Similar to other brands online, Not-So-Paper Towels are reusable, washable fabric paper towels.

Pee Cloths for Women is a woman-owned company here in Colorado, where the product is made by women who need income opportunities from their own homes. They are made of 100% Organic Cotton AND deadstock/upcycled fabric — because the founder is committed to using fabric that’s been rejected by the fast-fashion industry. Our landfills are overflowing and textile dye is the second largest polluter of water in the world. Washable towels from other companies are reusable, but they’re still destructively manufactured! That’s not actually a win for the planet!

To Use: Wipe up any mess with these reused textiles!  Throw into the laundry to clean and they’re ready to use again.

Made Of: 100% Organic Cotton AND deadstock/upcycled fabric

Why Rescued?: Why purchase a new fabric when we can re-purpose rejected fabrics?

Packaging: Recycle paper slip

Origin: Boulder, CO

Size: 10 Count

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Starter Set, Bidet Set, Daily Use Set

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