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Organic Black Beluga Lentils

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Organic Black Beluga Lentils

Organic • Vegan • Gluten Free

Located where the majestic Rocky Mountain Front meets the renowned Golden Triangle. Here the cool, dry environment is ideal for producing the high quality, organic crops for which Timeless has become famous. Timeless was created in 1987 by four organic farmers to market the production from their own farms. Now we help support dozens of organic family farmers throughout Montana and the surrounding region with soil-building crop rotation options and new markets for their quality crops.

Originally named for its resemblance to caviar, Black Beluga Lentils have caught the attention of chefs the world over. Rich in flavor and deeply satisfying, our Black Beluga Lentils have an amazing 24% protein content, the highest of any lentil.

As a Member of the Colorado Grain Chain, a membership-based non-profit organization that seeks to grow and connect a vibrant community-centered grain economy in the state of Colorado, Timeless Natural Food supports the vision that every household, food and beverage supplier, and maker in Colorado to use and value locally grown grains. It’s why we also became members at the start of 2023!

Cooking Directions: Rinse the lentils by placing them in a sieve under running water. Transfer them to a pan with water or broth (for every 1 cup of lentils, use 1 1/2 cups of water or broth). Feel free to add flavorings, but don’t add salt yet. Bring the lentils to a boil, then turn down the heat and let them simmer. Stir them occasionally to prevent sticking. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes for a firm texture that can be used in salads. Cook for 15 to 25 minutes for a puree. Add salt once the lentils are almost done cooking.

Ingredients: Organic Black Beluga Lentils. Note: processed in a facility that also processes wheat, not recommended for those with wheat allergies.

Packaging: Brought to you in a reusable glass jar, please return it for cleaning and reuse (and to get your jar deposit back minus a small cleaning fee).

Storage / Shelf life: Keep in a dry place at room temperature, use within 1 year.

Origin: Ulm, MT

Size(s): 2 cup | 4 cup

Net Weight: (oz)

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2 cup, 4 cup

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